Cross-Tab Formatting / Remaining

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Column totals on left. This option lists the column totals on the left after the column names rather than on the far right.

Suppress empty rows. This option suppresses any empty rows. Suppress empty columns. This option suppresses any empty columns.

*   Suppress row grand total. This option suppresses the grand total for each row.

*   Suppress column grand total. This option suppresses the grand total for each column.

•   Format grid lines. This button gives you options to format the grid lines on your cross tab.

After your cross-tab is complete, click the OK button on the Format Cross-Tab dialog box. This closes the dialog box and attaches the cross-tab object to your pointer. Click the Design tab where you want to insert, the cross-tab.

1    You can only place a cross-tab in the Report Header/Footer or Group Header/ –    Footer sections.

The cross-tab object in the Design tab is a place­holder. It does not contain any data. When you preview the report, you will see the cross-tab in the section you placed it with all the corresponding data.

Once your cross-tab is on your report, you can move it into a different sec­tion. If you move the cross-tab from the Report Header to the Group Header, the cross-tab would contain only information for the group, and the report would have one cross-tab per group.


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