Cross-Tab Formatting

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You have many options for formatting your cross-tab to look just the way you want. You’ll find the first set of options on the Style tab of the Format Cross-Tab dialog box. Select a formatting option and sec the preview of that formatting option in the right-hand panel. Most of these options involve cell borders and color to help separate your data from the totals and column headings.

If you select the Custom style, you can set many different formatting options:

•   Background color. Select a field and set background color for each field.

•   Suppress Subtotal and Suppress Labels for groups. Select a group in the column or row area for these options to- become available. They suppress the subtotal for the group selected or suppress the group label

•   Alias for Formulas. This field box allows an alias to be set for a. field used in formulas with the GridRowColumnVahe function. See the sidebar, “Setting a Field Alias and Using the GridRowColumnValue Function,” later in this chapter for an explanation of this function.

Show cell margins. Uncheck this option to eliminate cell margins around each cell. This makes the cross-tab much smaller, with little or no space around each value in the cross tab.

Indent row labels. This option will indent the row label instead of us­ing grid lines.

Repeat row labels. Select this option to repeat the row labels on the next page if the cross-tab does not fit on one page and splits over to the following page.

Keep columns together. This option does not allow for a column to be split over two pages. If a column does not fit on one page, the entire column is printed on the following page.

Row totals on top. This option lists the row totals on top of the rows for each group rather than at the bottom.


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