Wednesday, December 13

Two Short Stories-Must Read.

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Arabian Days

An Arab merchant, who had three sons had stated in his will that exactly half his property should go to his eldest son, one third to his second son and one ninth to his youngest son.  When the Arab died, the three boys were in a fix because the only property left by their father was 17 horses.  How can they divide 17 horses as stated in the will unless a horse is cut into pieces?

An old friend of the deceased Arab who was passing by on horseback settled the problem amicably, without killing any horse.  He told the boys to take his own horse and make it 18. Now, the first son got 9 horses, the second son got 6 horses and the youngest 2 horses as per the will.  Thus distributing the horses, the old friend took his own horse back and rode home happily.

A Mathematics Professor at the Post Office

A Professor of Mathematics went to a Post Office to mail a letter.  The counter clerk weighed the letter and told the Professor to stick a two-rupee stamp.  The Professor searched his pockets and found a three-rupee stamp in his pocket.  He did not want to waste this stamp.

Do you know what he, being a Mathematics Professor, did?

He went back to the stamp counter, purchased a one-rupee stamp.  Then he took the envelope, stuck both the three-rupee and the one-rupee stamps side by side with a minus sign in between! 


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