The Use of Essential Oils For Baby

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I thought a lot about babies lately. My third grandchild there in about two minutes, three weeks ago, and I can not wait! The other two grandchildren were delighted to come also have a brother or sister. In this regard, saying that a new baby in the area of schedule changes, sleepless nights, laughter, joy and tears, of course, because the only way to communicate with a newborn that something is necessary.

The use of essential oils for baby to something that is increasingly popular direction, but a word of warning to do your research before the introduction of essential oils in a baby boy or baby! You must define what you want to use essential oils, is sleep, relaxation, colic? After selecting the correct oil to match the need. Perhaps the most important thing you need to find the correct dose.

During the survey, many sources for this article, I have a lot of information. Some of these conflicts, such as oil are safe for use with a child under three months. If in doubt, use it! Numerous sources said that lavender is safe for use with a baby at this age. Show your baby can smell lavender gradually placed in a tissue or cloth around the baby during feeding or PAN / quiet sunset. For a three to six months of age, bergamot, lemon and neroli are some oils that can calm the nausea or the baby to be used. In older children (six to twelve months) Roman chamomile is ideal for teething. Put one drop in a towel wrapped around an ice cube and gums.

Once the child is one year, essential oils are placed in the bathtub. Should be considered very important that the dose is half the usual dose for adults – a little less, a dose for adults is six to eight drops of oil. Always protect with a carrier oil before bathing water for the delicate skin of children to ensure that the mixture is well dispersed in the bath before a child in the bathtub. Besides those already mentioned, you can now sweet orange oil, lemon, (to name a few) of mandarin, geranium and cloves. You can also use a little oil in a carrier oil or lotion and a massage that does not enjoy a good massage? Probably less than half the adult dose would decide whether this path.

Otherwise, essential oils can be used for the young child in a diffuser or aroma. Sweet Orange is ideal to relieve the frustration, tension and fear. It smells nice happy. Lavender and chamomile two fragrances to soothe and calm a restless child. I found a source that eucalyptus is recommended for colds and flu, but we must be careful to use as it is very toxic. The same advice applies to oil of wintergreen. These oils should never be used in children under two years.

Always be sure what kind of therapeutic essential oils, pure and natural. Do not use scented oils, as are chemicals that are produced synthetically and would be harmful to babies and children included. Monitor and verify the dose. Do not use more than twice the dose in a week. Do not allow children to prevent the oil deal.

As parents, you can choose, the wonderful benefits that come to enjoy aromatherapy essential oils. Certainly, the advice of your pediatrician for diseases, aromatherapy can be used in addition to treatment, says the doctor. If you are trying to decide with essential oils, your child will benefit not only of different flavors, can also have a very pleasant experience


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