Monday, December 11

7 Benefits Of Walking

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It is not compulsory for a person to join a fitness club or buy sophisticated equipment if he wants to have an exercise session. There are other ways which can help a person to remain fit and loose weight. You can go for cycling, jogging, walking and swimming if you want to. These are those activities that don’t require you to buy anything or hire a professional trainer.

All you need to do is spare some time and you can go with these activities as you like. These activities have a lot of benefits, even more than any exercise offered in a fitness centre. They help you to strengthen your body and help you loose your weight. Here are some benefits of walking.

1. Walking barefoot allows you to strengthen you feet and toes. It is also the best available solution for flat foot. It provides you a very good fitness for your feet. You should walk barefoot once in a week. There is nothing wrong with walking bare foot so don’t be ashamed. You should go out to a park in the morning if possible and walk bare foot on the grass for at least 15 minutes.

2. Walking bare foot also strengthens your legs and also provides strength to your respiratory system.

3. Walking is one of those few exercises that bring all of your body parts into motion. When you are walking try to walk at a faster pace, this will increase your heart beat rate and provide you physical fitness.

4. Walking can also help you to improve your posture as you legs and lower body art are in motion when walking. This also helps in strengthening them and provides your joints with more flexibility.

5. When walking all of your body parts are in motion and you expend energy at a much faster rate. This helps in burning fat and loosing weight. Walking also provide you control over weight in long term.

6. Walking also helps in reducing the chances of a heart attack; it improves your respiratory system, helps in treating hypertension and for rehabilitation after a heart attack. Walking is also effective against any respiratory diseases.

7. Walking is one of those activities that won’t require you to join a fitness club or buy expensive equipment. You can go out for a walk at any time and it is up to you how long you want to walk.


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