What Song Is This? (Part I)

1. Almost heaven, West Virginia

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

 (John Denver)

2. I feel so bad, I’ve got a worried mind

I’m so lonesome all the time

(Linda Ronstadt)

3. People smile and tell me I’m lucky one

And we’ve just begun, think I’m gonna have a son

(Loggins & Messina)

4. Lost and all alone

I always thought that I could make it on my own


5. Daniel is trav’lin tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights headin’ pain

 (Elton John)

6. It’s late in the evening

She’s wondering what clothes to wear

(Eric Clapton)

7. Photographs and memories

Christmas card you sent me

(Jim Croce)

8. Lying beside you

Here in the dark


9. Look at us baby, up all night

Tearin’ our love apart


10. Shadows grow so long before my eyes

And they’re movin’ across the page

(Peter Frampton)

11. It is the evening of the day

I sit and watch the children play

(Rolling Stones)

12. If there’s a tear on my face

It makes me shiver to the bone

(Alice Cooper)

13. I’ve got to take a little time

A little time to think things over


14. It all came so easy

All the lovin’ you gave me

(Peabo Bryson)

15. When I think of you

I think of sunny days in June

(Leif Garret)

Here are the titles of the songs:

  1. Take me Home Country Roads

  2. Blue Bayou

  3. Danny’s Song

  4. Lost Without Your Love

  5. Daniel

  6. Wonderful Tonight

  7. Photographs and Memories

  8. Open Arms

  9. I Can’t Tell You Why

  10. Baby I Love Your Way

  11. As Tears Go By

  12. I Never Cry

  13. I Want To know What love Is

  14. If Ever You’re In My Arms Again 

  15. When I think of You

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