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Things to Remember When Travelling to Sedona

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Sedona in Arizona, USA is a small town with a population of about 15000, living in the mountains of central Arizona, roughly 100 miles north of Phoenix. With its dazzling red rock canyons and lovely Oak Creek, it’s not astonishing that Sedona is one of Arizona’s top tourist destinations. Its reputation for being a spiritual center and its spectacular beauty attract millions of visitors all around the world.

Travel to Sedona  

Sedona is located 120 miles north of Phoenix airport and 280 miles southeast of the Las Vegas airport. Most of the tourists who fly into Phoenix rent a car and drive up to Sedona. There is also a shuttle service available from Phoenix to Sedona. There is also the Sedona trolley and taxi service to reach Sedona, but going by car is the best option.

Physical Environment

Located among red rock canyons at the foot of the enormous Colorado plateau, Sedona enjoys a mid four season climate. The town is bounded by the Coconino national forest, which is dominated by pinon pine at this elevation, with sycamore and cottonwood trees along the Sedona canyons bottoms. The area adjacent to Sedona offers outstanding hiking trails and other outdoor leisure opportunities.

Bounded by red monoliths and Arizonian outback, Sedona is just a step away from busier cities such as Phoenix and Scottsdale. However, you would never get bored there. Families visit Sedona every year for a fun filled vacation with their children and couples also visit this place for its picturesque outback. There are various natural attractions in this rock rich desert.

There is no limit for romance for couples with romantic options including scenic tours and spectacular retreat near Sedona’s popular monoliths. Begin your vacation with a visit to a religious retreat where you could connect with your soul and the nature. Proceed into the town for a tasty local cuisine. Romantic people would definitely love the lodging accommodations available in the town, with hotels in Sedona modeled from olden Spanish architecture. If you need other types of lodging, that’s also available although it’s advisable not to skip local lodging. 


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