Simple Exercise For Fitness [Part – 2]

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Lie flat on your stomach and raise your upper body slowly, until your arms are fully extended, keeping your back straight. Keep your weight on your knees. Lower your body, keeping your back straight and in line with the buttocks until the chest touches the floor. Then push your body back-up until the arms are fully extended. Repeat this movement 8 times. This method is to strengthen your chest, front of shoulders and back of upper arms.

Arm scissors with books

Stand with feet-shoulder-width apart, arms at shoulder level holding a hardcover book in each hand. Bring both arms to the middle of your chest. Return to starting position after a few minutes of rest. Repeat this movement 8 times.

Bent-over with books

With arms at your sides and a hardcover book in each hand, bend over at the waist keeping head up and raising arms simultaneously to shoulder height. Slowly return arms to starting point. You can repeat this method for 8 times. This method is for strengthens your upper back and also the back of upper arms.

Bent knee sit-up

Lie flat on your back and draw your heels as close as possible to your buttocks. Fold your arms and slowly curl head and upper body towards your knees. Then, slowly return upper body and head to floor. Repeat this movement 8 times. This method is to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Although some of the methods may seems hard to be practiced, but after a few attempts, you will be familiar with them. Hope you will enjoy these simple exercises for health benefits.


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