Things You Must Know About Chef’s Clothes

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A chef’s uniform has a specific style and it is very similar all over the world. It consists of a hat or torque, trousers with checks and a jacket. The simplest way to recognise a chef is by their hat or torque. Sometimes the pattern of the chef’s trouser or the jacket might change but the style of hat or torque is always the same. Mainly there are no such rules for the uniforms of the chefs, but white colour fabric is generally preferred.

Some chefs also use aprons. Aprons protect the chef’s uniform from getting stained as most of the time; food can be seen fallen on their fabric due to splatters or spills. Aprons are worn to prevent staining rather than for style purpose.

Many chefs wear the double breasted white jackets. These white jackets are made of very thick fabric which protects the chefs from the high fumes coming from stoves. The long sleeves protect them from any splattering of hot liquids. If a large stain or spills are seen on the jackets, chefs can simply reverse the side of the jackets.

Generally knotted cloth is used to make the buttons of chef’s jackets. This knotted buttons can withstand numerous washing cycles. Chef’s uniforms needs to be washed numerous times. The usual plastic buttons do not last for long. To hide the minor stains on the chef’s trousers they usually use the checked hounds tooth. These trousers have a capability to conceal minor stains.

Chef’s trousers are also made to withstand heat and stains. In many hotels or restaurants the chef’s hat or torque signifies the rank of the chef. If the height of the hat is very high then it represents that he is the leader of the chefs. Another interesting feature to be observed is that how many numbers of pleats he has on his hat. If the chef can prepare eggs in one hundred different ways, then his hat will have one hundred pleats.

Many of the chefs changed their uniform by adding some new colours or changing the patterns or design. The chief’s uniform is mainly white in colour and has a checked pattern. These days many female chefs also work in the restaurants. Usually, their dress code consists of something pink and black in colour.

Nowadays, cargo paints are given to female chefs. Many chefs prefer to wear a variety of accessories matching their uniform. You can also see chefs wearing fashionable head wrap, chef beanies, etc. Wearing some accessories can make them look smart and fashionable.

Buying right chef’s clothes is an essential. To find variety and quality in chef trousers, the internet is the best source. On internet, you can find a wide range of chef clothes that includes chef’s trousers, chef jackets and everything else.

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