How to Solve Difficulties When in Charge of Team-Building Activities

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… so, lay back and observe how your team experiences defeat and starts to learn.

Once an activity has begun, make sure everyone follows the rules. Even if you want to lead your team to success, do not rush to correct them, as participants often do not try to break rules, but simply verify and check them. If this is not the case, then patiently bring them back to the task they have to accomplish.

Encourage and support everybody. Show appreciation for the one that is eager to be the first to do something, as being the first is often scary for most of us and takes a lot of courage and chance taking (one can easily embarrass him of herself).

Be open to offer any additional information your team may need. If permitted, you can walk round your team and notice situations that allow you to help them perform better. Pay close attention so as not to accomplish their tasks for them – other teams will burst in anger and the entire team-building program will be compromised.

You should note down all aspects you want to discuss with your team during debriefing, which I will address in my next article in these series.

If activities are timed, make sure to offer information concerning how much time they have got left. Don’t stop the activity if you want to make a comment – you’ll have enough time during the debriefing session.


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