Simple Way to Pick Garden Statues

Choosing the right garden statue means finding a statue that fits your garden style, complements both garden and home, and is in proportion to the landscape around it. Garden statues are strong focal points in the garden, meaning that they immediately draw the viewer’s gaze into the garden to rest upon the statue.

1. Before racing to the garden center or calling the catalog company and ordering a statue that caught your eye, look at your garden like a stranger would look at it. To help you get perspective, take several digital photographs of the garden from different angles. Load these onto your computer and review them.

2. What’s your style?
What do you notice about your garden? Is it informal, with a cottage-style feel to it? Or do you have brick or stone pathways in straight lines to the front door of your home, with neat, symmetrical plantings? This may indicate a more formal style.Determine your own personal style, based on review of your photos and on your home’s architecture.

3. A backdrop such as this could take a large statue.
Look again at the pictures. Where do you want to place your statue? Think about the backdrop for the piece. Many statues are placed in areas surrounded by green, such as against a backdrop of trees, shrubs or ferns. This adds a focal point in an otherwise monotone area.

4. Next, begin browsing catalogs or take a trip to your local garden center to view the statues for sale. Some will seem right, while others seem ridiculous for your garden. Make a list of what appeals to you but don’t buy one just yet.

5. Consider materials when choosing a statue. Concrete lasts a long time, and weathers nicely, but it is heavy, so large statues may need to be delivered and placed for you, which adds to the cost. Metal may need special installation. Plastic and plastic composites can look just like stone but can be much lighter and easier to move around if you don’t like the spot you’ve selected. The lightweight material, however, also means they can blow over unless weighted with sand or another material in the base. Each type has pros and cons, so consider them carefully.

6. Add only one piece to your garden at a time. Too many elements may make your garden look like a yard sale. Too many elements of conflicting style are just confusing to the eye. Select pieces harmonious to your garden and home style, and add only a little at a time. Like women who wear too much flashy jewelry, too many garden accessories can look overdone!

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