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Poster Framing Tips

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Measure Your Poster and Get an Appropriate Frame

Once you know which poster you are going to frame, it is important to measure it accurately so that you can get a frame that fits the poster adequately. Nothing looks worse than a picture in the wrong size frame! Measure the picture to the nearest 1/4 inch in length, width and diameter. It is very important that your measurements be exact, down to 1/4 inch, as any larger will leave visible spaces between the picture and the frame. If the poster is of irregular dimensions, you may need to purchase a custom-sized frame from a framing store.

Prep the Frame and Poster

Once you have purchased your frame, you will need to prep both the frame and the poster for framing. If you have a rolled poster, unroll it on a flat surface and place a small paperweight on each corner to ensure that it is straight by the time you are ready to frame. Also take a feather duster to both the poster and the frame to remove any excess dust that may get trapped between the poster and the frame. If you are using a glass frame, wipe each surface with glass cleaner to clean off any smudges or small particulates that might have come into contact with the glass.

Frame the Poster on a Flat Surface

Now that your poster is flat and your frame is clean, it is time to frame! Place the frame backing on a flat surface and lay the poster on the backing. Smooth it along the backing by taking a rolled up towel, and gently rubbing the towel vertically against the poster. This will eventually create some static electricity that will help keep the paper and the backing together for the rest of the process. Alternately, you can put some double-sided tape in each corner to anchor the poster to the backing, but make sure you lay the poster flat on the tape, as untaping the poster can lead to damage. Once you are satisfied with the poster’s position on the backing, lay the plastic or glass over the poster and then attach the frame to the stack you have created. Most frames feature a “snap on” construction that allows you to put each side of the frame on by pushing it into a specially made groove. Other, more expensive frames must be assembled using a screwdriver, so make sure you have adequate tools for this type of frame. Once the frame has been put around the poster (with the backing and glass or plastic) you will now be able to hang your poster with pride!


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