Fitness Equipment Maintenance: The Beny T2 Power Treadmill

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When you’re in search of an efficient exercise machine to start you on your journey to being a better you, a treadmill is always a great option. Treadmills are the choice of many who are beginners in fitness programs as well as those who are loyal fitness enthusiasts. Also, people tend to gravitate toward well established and highly respected fitness equipment providers; one such name in the world of fitness is Beny. They’re a UK based business who supply the newest in high quality exercise equipment including multigyms, ellipticals, steppers, rowers, cross trainers, bikes, and, finally, treadmill machines. Allow me to present you with a few specifics about a well known treadmill machine that, along with a suitable fitness equipment maintenance provider, can get you where you’re going in terms of physical fitness: The Beny T2 Power Treadmill.

Rating: 4.6 / 5 stars

Main Features:

Has a built-in manual speed modification programme and also half a dozen pre-set speed programmes

Features basic Cantilever Assist manual fold, making it easy to put away Can be stored upright and is lowered back down using a foot operated push button

Designed with 40mm round tubular steel safety handles wrapped with density foam padded grips.

Info displayed on the console: Calorie (Theoretical Calorie Burn), Distance (miles), Pulse (hand pulse sensor), Speed (mph) and Time (minutes / seconds)

Price tag: Approximately £899 (typical retail)

Item Description:

The Beny VFit T2 Power Treadmill is wonderful for the health and fitness routine starter. It can move from 5 to 10 mph at an incline of up to 12% (powered front frame), and is operated by a 1.5 hp constant motor. This highly effective and effortless to control treadmill permits an individual to slowly progress in his or her pace, toning and shaping muscles without too much fatigue. It includes half a dozen preset speed programs plus a manual adjust speed regimen. The motor carries a substantial 60 month warranty. It’s furnished with a crystal clear, easy-to-read LED display with five functions and windows.

Item Specifications:

Power Method: Mains

Product Weight: 95kg

Max Consumer Weight: 115kg

Dimensions (Unfolded): L 175cm x W 76.5cm x H 146cm; Dimensions (Folded): D 84cm x W 76.5cm x H 156cm

Running Belt: 1285mm x 440mm

Frame: 80mm x 40mm and 120mm x 40mm

Product Characteristics:

The Beny T2 Power Treadmill is manufactured with an oblong tubular steel main frame and uprights. What’s more, it includes round tubular steel safety handles having Density foam padded grips to deliver an additional level of comfort and to protect the operator. It’s got a 3.0 peak as well as a 1.5 Constant Rated D.C. Motor with Micro Processor Based PWM Motor Controller.

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 2-Years Non-Consumables, 5 Years Motor

Final Take :

The Beny T2 Power Treadmill is a remarkable piece of home fitness equipment. Beny fitness products are highly revered in the fitness world for delivering top ratings in functionality and quality. Of course, as with any exercise machine, the routine services of a renowned fitness equipment maintenance company is suggested. If you are searching for a great fitness machine to start your program on, the Beny T2 Power Treadmill could be the solution you’re looking for.

Robert McKay has worked within the fitness market for over twenty years now. Regular equipment maintenance is crucial for the long life of your fitness equipment maintenance. If you are in the united kingdom, I strongly suggest Fitness World as one of the top fitness equipment service supplier you can count on to offer you high quality maintenance.


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