What is The Best Smartphone in Your Opinion?

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This page gives you the opportunity to utter your opinion on what the best smartphone is and, most importantly, help others by saying WHY you think it is that smartphone and not any other!

OK, here’s the game: the best-sold smartphones nowadays are, no doubt about it, iPhones, Blackberries and Android-operated devices.

If your are reading this you can do the whole world a favour and share WHAT smartphone you think is the best and, more importantly, WHY.

You have no idea how important it is for other people to read sincere opinions from everyday users on devices prior to buying them. I know it helped me a lot before considering to buy a phone, and I am sure it will also help others, as well.

There is only one rule to the game: post your opinion as a comment.

If you feel like writing a whole review for a smartphone and don’t wish to comment, feel free to write it on your personal blog and post the link as a comment to this article, so that you may help other people that want to be informed before buying!

Are you game? I know I am. I’ll go first (see comments):


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