Which Issues Need To Be Taken Care Of Before Hosting A Website

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No sooner does the job of website design get completed than the task of hosting it prompts its owner. There is no reason to think that a web hosting company can relieve a website owner of all responsibilities as to hosting his or her so called web campaign through some prehensile and beautifully designed web pages which are found in a single web-book that we call Website. A website about to be hosted, its owner needs to be careful about the points like considering prudently if one needs Shared Hosting or a Dedicated one for his website, if Linux Hosing will be best compatible or a Windows Hosting, if choice of Domain Name should be scrupulous and matching with the objective of the website, if website security, database security and transaction security need to be ensured by The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

With the completion of a website design, a larger and more responsible job of affairs start —- on part of both the website owner as well as the web hosting company. Website owners, henceforth, needs to keep their eyes and ears open and alert so that they may not be sitting ducks for those web hosting companies who sometimes do the unfair taking advantage of the ignorance of their clients. The practices of unfair jobs in terms of charging heavily with hidden cost and misguidance will be clear if one cares to think of some issues.

Think how mocking and frivolous it would be on part of a website image due to wrong choice of a hosting server if web clients are to wait for a frustratingly longer period of real-time for making an access to a website! Think how baffling it would be if a wrong Domain name is chosen, for instance, if an all-out commercial website is suffixed with an educational extension like (.org) and the domain name barely matches with the substances of the website! Think how foolish it would be for small investors if they are offered to subscribe to a Dedicated host server!

Host Servers: Website owners need to take care of the facts that if a website has been designed with PHP scripting language and MY SQL database, then Linux Hosting server will be best suited for that website when if a website has been designed with ASP, PHP 5, ASP.NET 4.0 languages and MS SQL 2005 and MY SQL databases, then Windows Hosting will be compatible.

Choice of Server: There are Shared server and Dedicated server. Charges vary from one another. As there will be a number of websites being hosted on a Shared Server, the charge will be less than a Dedicated server where a single website is hosted, and therefore, the charges for the latter better facility will be necessarily more.

Choice of Domain Name: Choosing an appropriate domain name should be very crucial. While working on it, one should keep in mind that Domain name is the identity and an wordy-face helping to get preliminary introduction of a website. So, substance and contents and designs, all are required to be infused into and that should be easy to type and easy to remember as well as terse, certainly with proper extension.

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