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What Type of Computer or Laptop Should You Buy?

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The first thing you should ask yourself when deciding to buy a laptop or computer is: what am I going to do with it? Are you planning to game, surf the web, mainly use it as a text editor etc? Because depending on the main activity you are going to use your future device, its price will vary greatly and your need will be more accurately met.

For example, if you are an addicted gamer, you’ll have to pay more for your computer’s or laptop’s RAM (Random-Access Memory), video card and processor. If you are going to use your device in office purposes only (emailing, text editing and so on), you don’t need to abide by these high-tech configurations and can opt for something less expensive. Again, if you work in a music studio, you’ll need a lot of sound card power, so be sure not to invest your money in a set that has an incorporated sound card in the mother board. This also applies to video editors, who will invest in a system that rather has a very powerful video card, than anything else.

The second question you should ask yourself is: where am I going to use it? If you are going to use it only in your office or house perimeters, then you can opt for a PC (Personal Computer). It comprises a main unit, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. However, if you want to get mobile, it is always best to choose a laptop, which also consists of a screen, a keyboard, the main hardware components (hard disk, processor etc) and a touch pad that functions exactly like a mouse.

Now, laptops come in various shapes and sizes. Basically, a mobile PC is the largest type of laptop there is. It usually has a screen diagonal of over 18 inches, but is still considered a laptop because it can be easily transported and it doesn’t have its components loose like a normal PC. You use mobile PCs for cinema experiences and heavy graphic editing (they usually have Full HD screens – that is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels).

Notebooks usually have screen diagonals of 15-16 inches and are the most common type of laptops you’ll come across. They are extremely useful because they don’t have the size and weight of mobile PCs, but can still pack a lot of power under their case. This kind of laptop is used in every day activities, such as office activities and soft programming. Nevertheless, there are some heavy-duty notebooks out there that are even faster than mobile PCs when it comes to gaming and programming. Offering brand names would be inappropriate here, but I’m sure you can find out for yourselves by means of a Google search.

Netbooks are the smallest laptops there are. They have a maximum 10-inch screen and are mainly used, as their name says, for surfing the web. Netbooks are recommended for blog owners that want to update their blogs painlessly at every time during the day (a netbook doesn’t weight more than a book) and for people active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

After you’ve given some consideration to the two questions asked above, you can more easily and effectively choose what to buy.

Looking forward to seeing what you personal option in laptop / PC purchase is!


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