What Happened to Metallica’s Death Magnetic Album?

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All right. Almost forgot to review this one, though I’ve got to listen to it about two weeks ago.

That Was Just Your Life is very Metallica-style. It’s just enough to bring back those times when you played your Metallica tapes at maximum just to let your neighbors know you’re the rebel of the block. Also, it lets you know of the thematic behind the whole album: denial up to the end of the line, some kind of abstract rebellion that lends itself to the listening of both authority-deniers, as well as authority-approvers.

Actually, that’s what I wanted to point out here, more precisely: the reason why Metallica got to become a legend is that they knew from the beginning how to put up a message conveying both rightwing and leftwing elements. EVERYONE is able to find something to identify with in their lyrics. A big up to James Hetfield for that! Though this is not to say that Metallica is a political band. Not at all. It’s just that theyr message is somewhat “abstract-concrete”, if you get my grip. You don’t? Well, let’s cary on then…

It would be of no use taking the separate instruments and showing their good or bad participation in coming up with the creation of this album, as the latter type of participation wouldn’t exist. Everything’s quite well set up, perfect metronome-type timing with the riffs, each and every stroke taken apart; the drums could’t be played better by a robot, tha bass-line makes itself heard whenever it wishes so and the vocals, again, make you step back in time about 20 years ago…

Funny thing, concerning the vocals; I always wondered how Metallica would sound if some other types of voice were practiced by Hetfield. Let’s say, a more rough one for example, more Slayer-like, without the screaming of course. Speaking of which, the only time I forgot I was listening to Metallica is when the beginning of All Nightmare Long was playing. I thought: this is sooo Slayerish.

Well as you probably noticed, I’ve got no thought about doing a well-structured, aademic review of Metallica, so what else could be said? Oh yes, the long awaited Unforgiven III is here, not quite what we would expect, but very well worked out though. Unforgiven III gives the whole album a “hollywoodian” look, I might say… Will Metallica be composing an Unforgiven IV some time soon? Time will tell…

Hey, this album is probably one of he few that tell us that “mainstream” is NOT the main stream. Music, that is good music, stands out irrespective of all current trendy genres, because this guys have held their ground more than I can remember. That makes the album evermore valuable for a Metallica fan. So if you consider yourself one, you should have second thoughts, taking into consideration that you haven’t bought it yet.


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