Is Chewing Gum Healthy? (Survey)

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If you are reading this article, then it is most likely that you are a gum chewer. Have you ever stopped to think whether what you are doing affects your health in any way or, basically, why do you like chewing gum so much?

Chewing gums have become more and more attractive over the time. At first, children used them because they had a sweet taste and could easily replace ordinary sweets, which were proved to cause significant teeth damage and other health issues. This is one of the reason parents would normally let their children help themselves to chewing gums, as far as they stood away from other, more dangerous sweets, such as chocolate, candies and so forth.

Afterwards, the “zero sugar” chewing gums came out. It was a blast. Everybody started chewing, because this product didn’t get you fat, but still preserved its sweet taste and mouth-refreshing effect.

I conducted a personal survey and applied the following interview to 1000 people, 822 of which were above 18 years-old and 178 of which were below 18 years-old. 564 people out of this 1000 were females and 436 were men.

When asked if they chewed gum regularly (at least once a week), a staggering 92% answered affirmatively.

When asked why was it that they did this, answers differed a bit. Here are the most common three cases:

  1. Most of them chewed gum in order to gain a fresh breath and get rid of bad odours they had after sleeping, eating or talking for a long period of time;

  2. The great majority, however, claimed that a brief period of time spent on chewing gum immediately after you eat helps cleaning your teeth and thus contributes to their shine;

  3. A third common reason for chewing gum is that it is a repetitive activity that helps some people focus better on certain tasks. Basically, 11% out of those chewing gum support that this activity has an unconscious effect on your brain, keeping it working and, thus, not distracted from the task they, as persons, are engaged in.

The same people were asked if they were aware of any health issues that chewing gum could eventually cause. Some common, but not unimportant, facts mentioned by them are:

  • Chewing a lot of gum can work as a laxative. Your tongue produces a lot of saliva, which tells your stomach that a lot of food is on its way, which consequently makes you stomach produce more acid and open your intestines for processing. This happens even though there is no actual food on its way.

  • While chewing gum may help a bit in cleaning your teeth, it may also cause significant damage by removing your teeth fills (if you have any). This is why it is recommended you firstly washy your teeth and only afterwards, if you encounter food remains in hard-to-clean areas of your teeth, use a chewing gum and only for a very brief time.

  • An obvious health issue derives from swallowing the chewing gum. This will almost inevitably lead to minor lesions of your stomach. The gum may eventually stick to your intestine’s walls and cause extreme agony.

A lot more questions were asked in the above survey (e.g. what brand of chewing gum do you prefer etc.). These are only some of the drawbacks of chewing gum mentioned. A thing you should remember is that everybody responds to chewing gum in their own way, thus you may be quite tolerant to chewing gum altogether. That again, your body (digestive system) may not stand it.


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