Thursday, December 14

What Happens When You Listen to Lynx Ft. Kemo – Carnivale

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I must have heard the song Carnivale from Lynx probably a thousand times in various set ups, be them live or not. It was on the radio, in all DnB broadcasts and so forth. I never found out its complete name (i.e. Lynx featuring KemoCarnivale) until recently, when I got the chance to download it and listen to it within my private premises.

After I started listening the first time, I searched for the lyrics. This is when it hit me: I was listening to one of the greatest masterpieces mankind has ever encountered. The song uses a lot of words and phrases from Anthony Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange and carries out approximately the same message: a warning concerning today’s society, beliefs and practices.

Just like a clockwork orange, juicy and fruitful youth seems nowadays to be transformed into something mechanic. It is quite staggering that a DnB song would aim to convey this social and political message into a musical entitity. All in all, one can easily identify with the message:

Our photos sepia

Our food tastes umami

We drown in Firegold

Our children Bezoomy

…meaning the following: our food doesn’t taste like food anymore, we drink a lot (even drown in liquer) and that our children are going crazy.

This is a very profound musical creation, with very deep-pitched vocals. I strongly recommend you get a hold of it.


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