Sunday, December 17

Beating The Recession – 5 Simple Ways

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There are many people that have given up in recent times. They understand that life just has to keep going and everyone will struggle through the recession. But there really is a way to profit and even prosper during times of economic hardship. Only those in the know, realize this and bother sharing it with others.

Today realize that beating the recession is not hard at all. Here are the top five ways to beat the recession:-

1) Buy your produce from local farmers markets.

Recently there has been a boom in farmers markets. It is a good idea to keep your local economy strong and support those that need your money and support. The quality of food at these markets is normally much better and cheaper then you would normally get from the shopping centre. So it is a win win situation for both parties.

2) Learn to grow your own food.

The is no way to grow all the food you need on a weekly basis. But this can help save you money you need for other essential items. Beating the recession is part spending but part saving also. You can save money on gas on more trips to the grocery centre and benefit from more fresh food that has not been touched with harmful chemicals.

3) Recycle for profits.

There are many places that allow you to return cans and plastic bottles for refunds. You can spend part of your weekends picking up rubbish off the side of the road and cash them in at recyclables. Not only are you helping clean up your local environments, but earning money in the process. Any extra cash you earn is always a good help at a time when you need it most.

4) Find bargains at garage sales.

A super way to save money and find unique items is via local garage sales. The seller is sometimes willing to get rid of items you need and rock bottom prices. That will insure you can get exactly what you are after without spending a whole lot of money. Sometimes you can save up to 70% of what you normally spend at the shops, for something that is nearly brand new. As they say, one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

5) History repeats.

Accept the fact that history repeats and recessions have occurred in the past and many more will occur in the future. Study up and find out what businesses and novelties thrive during these times of economic hardship. Realize that you can even offer services that thrive during these time and earn money. There is still money lying around in a recession but the weighting of supply and demand is different. Learn how to tap into that and you can really prosper.

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