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The importance of communication in any relationship cannot be overestimated. Communication can be either verbal or non verbal and most times our non verbal communication erodes the verbal. Assumptions are very dangerous in any relationship, you need to find out by communicating.There are different levels of communication.

1.    Shallow waters- Here, couples engage in cliché communication. E.g. “How are you? How was work today? Etc. They talk about a lot of things but they do not really know each other. They are both cautious, walking on ice around each other. Majority of people are in this level of communication.

2.    Analysts- they discuss facts around them-politics, economics, policies, etc. they talk a lot but they never talk about anything personal. This is the most pretentious stage of communication. This set experience a lot of quarrels (most times meaningless) because of misunderstandings that could have been avoided simply by communicating.

3.    Your opinion matters- here, they share their hopes, dreams            

          And values but there are still some restraint. They are

 Cautious about revealing things too deep for fear that those things would be used against them. They set assume a lot about their partners and this could lead to misunderstandings. Assumptions can be dangerous.

4.    Naked and not ashamed- they share things with each other that they would never be able to share with other people. This is because they have come to a place of trust where they know what has been shared would be protected by the other person. They are sure it would also not be used against them. They have come to a place where they can bare all without shame or fear. This does not happen overnight, it is a progressive process. This is the level where a lot of people desire to be but very few have attained. However, do not lose hope if you are not there yet, you can work at it and attain it.  You can attain this level by being a student of your spouse (learn more about them day by day), do not use information your partner divulges to joke, mock or insult them. Enjoy a better relationship.



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