Two Days Left to Live

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What if you were told today that you had just two days left to live? What would you do? At this point, you’ll discover that most things you considered as very important no longer matter. You’ll be forced to sit and examine your life. If you had two days left would you be content to die the way your life is now or would you make drastic changes? Would you in those two days value, cherish and respect your family more? Would you make them realize how important they are to you? Would you forgive that person who has hurt you so much? Would you ask for forgiveness of those you have hurt?  Would you take that risk and stop hesitating? Would you help the poor? Would you be more sensitive, caring and helpful? Would you draw close to God? Would you change anything about your life? What would you change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions why not make those changes right now before it becomes too late? People leave their homes everyday and some are unaware that it would be their last day on earth. Why not live each moment like it was your last? IF YOU HAD TWO DAYS LEFT TO LIVE, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?


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