Now Is The Time For Taiwanese to Wake Up

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Now Is The Time for Taiwanese to Wake Up      

                                                                                                           By Helen Yang 

The shocking political event happened recently. The Philippine government deported fourteen Taiwanese criminals to China.  The Philippine government treated the people of Taiwan as Chinese, this is a serious mistake. According to principles of the treaty and international law, Taiwan is not part of China. Sovereignty over Taiwan does not belong to China. On December 12, 2006, International law scholar, Dr. Oda (Shigeru Oda) published a paper in the Japan Academy said: “Taiwan is not part of the PRC in the past, and is not part of the PRC right now either.”. He also indicated that “beyond verbosity, the so-called “Taiwan Independence” is Taiwanese become independent from the KMT of Republic of China, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Beijing regime.”  My late husband, Dr. Yang Qi Chuan, who published an article ” I am Taiwanese, not Chinese” in the Liberty Times on June 27, 1997 also hold the same arguments and views. 

The origin of this incident should be traced back to April 28, 1952 . At that time, when “San Francisco Peace Treaty” entered into force, Taiwanese officially lost their Japanese citizenship. According to “Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty” dated August 5, 1952, Taiwanese were forced to accept the citizenship of “Republic of China.”  At that time, advanced “nationality option” was not offered to Taiwan and Penghu residents.  When Japan established diplomatic relations with Republic of China on September 29, 1972, “Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty” was ended, but the citizenship of Taiwanese people was not re assigned or even mentioned. On April 7, 2009,  the U.S. court ruled that “People of Taiwan are stateless(belong to no country)”.  For the past 60 years, Taiwanese has been lived in political purgatory. This is the tragic of Taiwanese. Currently, Taiwan is ruled under the exile government of Republic of China, but the whole world have the false impression that Taiwan is part of China. This is totally inconsistent with historical facts and principles of international law. 

If, unfortunately, the Philippine government’s practices become the model of the international community to treat people of Taiwan, this will result in the local government & their people to threaten traveling Taiwanese, once they breach the local laws, by repatriating them to China. It will be a major threat to the safety and dignity of the people of Taiwan. 

Facing with this event, it is time for people of Taiwan to wake up. People in Taiwan

have been considered themselves as citizens of “Republic of China”, but none of other people around the world agree with the existence of “Republic of China”. That’s the reason the Philippine government sent the people of Taiwan to People’s Republic of China. Currently, the U.S. called “Taiwan” as “Taiwan authorities”, not as a country. The people of Taiwan need to wake up, unite together, identify with Taiwan, draw a line with Republic of China (China), and declare to the world to establish an independent state according to the international law.  This is the only way you can preserve your human dignity and maintain your international status. Only this way, you have the authority to negotiate with other countries’ government, finally, hope that the United States under international law and the “Taiwan Relations Act” (TRA), will lead the way for Taiwan to become a true nation.


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