Wednesday, December 13

Are Mixtape Torrents Hurting Hip-Hop And Rap Music?

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Are Mixtape Torrents Hurting hip-hop and rap music?

Let me start off by saying that I was thinking about starting to make a mixtape. I do understand the time it takes for the DJ’s to put together these great promotional tools. But today there are 100’s of artist who putting mixtape torrents on the internet every day. So imagine how many mixtape DJ’s are releasing their projects every month. Now every time we log into Facebook or any social network for a matter of fact you most of the time you might have a message from an artist asking you to checkout their website for their music. Sharing their own music is what these artist are trying to achieve with mixtape downloads. From what I hear now is that the music industry even considers mixtape torrents as piracy. Well Im sure things are going to change soon for all dj’s that are releasing music this way and he hope the best for these talented people. While some tend to forget is how these are great promotional tools for most artist. But the problem really is when use these torrents to download an artist album for free, thus we step into copyright world.


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