Are You Born Again?

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Are you born again?

No, No, this is not a question similar to, “Are you a born-again Christian?” In the Christian theology, “born again” refers to a new human being with a new heart and new attitudes. But the phrase has a different connotation for a staunch Hindu, who believes in the physical rebirth of a human being on the same Earth.

Incidentally, no other country or religion in the world believes in this theory, according to my information. What does rebirth or incarnation mean?

You die today and you will be reborn as another person or an animal or an insect or some thing like that almost immediately. A human is the highest form of existence. If you had been a ‘good man/woman’ you will come back as a human being in some other better family. If you had led a horrible life, say like a hard core thief, you may take a rebirth as a mosquito or a rat or one of that kind.

As for me, I don’t accept this concept at all. Can you remember what you were in your earlier life; what was your name; who were your parents, what good and bad you had done etc? Well, if you can’t recall those details then where is the proof that you did exist in this world once upon a time? At least do you remember whether you were a human being or something else? Your answer is a big NO for all the above questions. The whole idea then is a simple imagination or a theory unsupported by any kind of evidence or logic.

Nevertheless, I am highly fascinated at the very concept. No astrologer or palmist could ever tell you anything about your closed life. They could only tell you your future in the current life and never about the past. Don’t you think we need to do some research on this, create a school or college and produce what we may name as “Pastrologer”, that is, one who could enlighten you about your previous life or lives?

You could make a lot of money, you know? Say something quite palatable and pleasing to your client like, “You were Henry III in England or Chandra Gupta Mourya in ancient India or a son of a crore pati and so on.” And your customer will go home with a great feeling and possibly tell his girl friend that he was Isaac Newton, who gave the world the theory of gravity and other laws of motion.

But it would be equally depressing to learn that you were a criminal who was found guilty of murder and was hanged at 0230 hours on a Wednesday morning or a little sparrow which was brought down dead by a school boy with his catapult. No pastrologer dare tell you that kind of an information. Never. He would only tell you what you want to or love to hear.

But then, what about the next life? You may not get even a hazy picture of what you are going to be born as. But you could have some fantasy and dreams and hopes about it. For example, if you had been born in a low class poor family, you may find a place in a high class rich home; if you had led a hand to mouth existence, you may be born in a billionaire’s family. If you have been a poor student scoring just pass marks in every examination, you could become a topper in every class to the envy of all your classmates and secure a high paying job as well. If you are handicapped person such as with defective legs, blind or mute, nothing to worry. In your next life you could be just the opposite and be an Olympic medalist too.

You might also be a genius with a super brain and understand many things about Space, which our present day scientists are struggling to fathom.

If you are a not-so-good looking young woman now, you might be Miss Universe or Miss World with offers coming from all corners for roles in the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood movies.

But if you are a terrorist or a supplier of time barred medicines or contaminated water satchels, I can tell with some guarantee what you would be in your next life ? A mosquito or a bed bug or an ant which will get crushed mercilessly under some human hand. So beware.


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