How to go Green in Your Office


Every business need to recycle their resources like papers, equipment, thngs they don’t want and even just soda cans.


You need to network your computers to save money and resources and speed too. Networking is necessary for most businesses.

Have office phones

When you have office phones, it cost less than if you were to ask employees to use their cell phones or if you have to buy them cell phones.


Cubicles will save rooms and help improve communications. People communicate so much better when they’re in cubicles.


You should have a shredder to get rid of important documents. Nowadays, people value so much of their privacy and they sure don’t want their health reports end up in the trash with everything on it. You need a shredder to protect people’s private information.

Reduce noise

You should reduce noise so your employees will concentrate on their work better. This means taking conversation to the lunch room or outside of the work space.

Use recycle papers

You should use recycle papers because it will save trees. You should recycle all of your papers too. Recycling is always an excellent things.


Emails will save tons of papers. You should use emails as much as possible to avoid paper work. Why not? It makes everything faster and better. You can also phone instead of writing formal letters. It just save so much time.

Have uniforms

When you have uniforms, people would not get jealous over their co-worker’s fashion style or get offended if someone’s too sexy. You should have uniforms so employees don’t spend a fortune on office fashion. They could spend it on something else so they will not run out of so much money.

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