How to Live And Handle a Schizophrenic Family Members

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Give them privacy

People who live with schizophrenia need plenty of privacy from outsiders. They need to feel supervised and protected from people since they can’t or don’t know how to function around people sometimes. They could lose this and it will depend on each individuals. People could make fun of them or disturb them so it’s important that you give them as much privacy as you can like provide them with their own room and have everything in their room and don’t bring them into social settings where they don’t need to be there. They are no good in social settings. They might see weird things or hear weird things. They might think that people are making fun of them when they’re not making fun of them at all.

Talk to them once in awhile

When you communicate with the patient, they will get a chance to express themselves and it can be therapeutic for the both of you. They also need to have a friend and feel like someone cares about them. They need you and you need to be there for them.

Have them on medication

When someone has schizophrenia, they need to be on medication, and there is no other choice. They need the assistance of medication. They need to take them daily and correctly and they will get better this way.


Sometimes, counseling can help the patient, if they’re at a young age, or if they were using drugs. Many drugs users can end up with these diseases from drugs induced symptoms.

Drugs use

You need to see if they have use drugs or they’re currently on it because drugs could cause people to have schizophrenia symptoms. Drugs are very dangerous so you should check to make sure that they’re not using it and will discontinue drugs use.

Put them away

If they’re uncontrollable and have suicide or mania, or violent temperament then you should consider putting them away in a nursing for awhile until they get better. They will recover in a hospital since doctors are there to treat them and they will need to learn how to control themselves.


You will need to supervise them while they’re at home. You’re responsible for your ill family members.


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