Freelance Writing Sites That Really Do Pay

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Everyone needs a little extra cash here and there, whether it’s to buy that new video game that’s coming out soon, or to stock up on some extra groceries. Unfortunately, the job market is still suffering and finding a job sometimes is terrible.

Many people decide to work from home, especially stay at home moms and dads, and a good place to start is writing for sites that pay you per view for your original content, which turns out to possible life-long royalties! That’s good! The return upfront may not always be great, but in the long run, and with enough quality content; the rewards could be very substantial.

So if you want to get into the online writing gig, these 5 sites are not only legit, but are easy to get accepted into and will pay you cash for your hard work (usually through PayPal).


Textbroker is a great place to start writing and making money online. It is also where I have made most of my money so far. They offer Up-front payment for writing content for a variety of different clients, based on a variety of different topics. All submitted work then belongs soley to the client and you cannot use it again, which is a downfall.

Textbroker pays out twice a month through PayPal, and you must have a minimum balance of only $10, which is remarkably easy to make! The pay isn’t that great but they do have 4 different pay scales starting out at around .5 cents per word typed at a Level 2. Level 3 starts out at 1 cent a word and it keeps going up to a level 5, which is payed to professional writers only.

Signing up is easy and they only ask for a 300 word sample to sign up, which is how they judge your work and give you your rating. There is always plenty of articles to write as well, which makes this my top pick!

The Content Authority

The Content Authority is very similar to Textbroker, except they pay out every Monday, also through PayPal, as long as you have a balance of $25. They do not pay as much as per word as TextBroker, but The Content Authority has one other features that make it my Number 2!

They have a Re-Write section that is a great way to make extra cash during downtime, between articles. They usually have a good number of regular articles to write, but Re-Writes require NO research and if you can re-word articles well, these can ber finished relatively quickly. The down fall is to these is that they only less than a 1/2 cent per word re-written.

The Yahoo! Contributor Network (Associated Content)

Associated Content, part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network, is another great place that will pay you to write articles on a variety of topics. You decide what you want to write about too! If you want to write an article that is titled: ” How Many Licks Does It Take….”, go ahead and do it! Just make sure the article is valid and not a bunch of mumbo jumbo, and you could do wel!

Associated Content pays writers based on a Clout system. Your clout level depends on how many views your articles receive and the downfall of this, is that you may never get a hit on an article.

They do pay upfront for some articles in their assignments section but and I have written for Yahoo! Movies, through this site. The Upfront articles pay usually $4 to $10 each for about a 400 word article.

They only pay through PayPal and only pay out around the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Check out the Sign Up Section of their site for more details.

Constant Content

Constant Content is last on my list for one reason only, they expect too much from writers; professional quality articles only apply here, even though they will accept you with no problem. If you get suspended, you may never write for them again. The good thing about this site is that clients that pick up your articles will pay top dollar for them, but these guys take 65% of your sales! To me, that is absolutely absurd. If you write for these guys, make sure you know what you are doing.

But with all that being said about the pay and standards, if you make the cut, your wallet will be fatter in no time!
Constant Content does pay and works out well for many people. Just not me I guess!


This is the funnest site for making money online that you can find. It really works great for setting your pages up to look really catchy and rewards you for simply adding pictures to your articles using thier easy workshop.

You don’t even have to write here, but if you do you will actually be creating what they refer to an article as a “LENS”. In the Lens you add modules of text, pictures, links (to your other material hint hint), and the coolest money making feature of them all on this site…the Amazon module!

Set up a shopping center for products. When someone clicks on a product you feature on your page, you get paid! If someone buys that product…more pay! You dont sell anything either, just feature it!

SO get to work and don’t forget to check out the other great articles about online writing opportunities. there are alot of them out there and you have to find the ones that work for you in particular. With the expertise and content quality, working at home writing about cool stuff can really end up profitable in the end!


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