Thursday, December 14

Whom To Blame For Being Scammed?

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Scam is a blot on the face of Internet and in the real world as well. We all have gone so much circumspect currently that we suspect almost every other site nowadays. If you think that I am exaggerating it then just look at the volume of material available on internet in the form of complaints, forum discussions, articles, queries, blogs, websites, comments, etc. In all those places you’d find the repeated utterance of one single word, the most terrifying word on Internet-‘Scam’!

Now who is to be blamed for this notorious reputation earned by Internet: I guess many people. The diabolical minds will do what they know best and the authorities won’t make a stir unless being pushed and prodded by their masters. But are we totally blameless? I don’t think so. I’ll explain my reasoning behind such contention.

I had my fair share of misfortune with the scam sites as well and still haven’t been able to recover from all such losses completely. But I’ve learnt a lot from those bitter experiences and try to warn people now when I see them heading straightway towards a trap! Yet I cannot guarantee that I myself won’t be scammed one more time, such is the uncertainty of Internet sites, but chances are much less than before.

Almost all of us know that those ‘Get Rich Quick’ advertisements are all scams as well as the ‘Easy Copy Paste Job…No Selling…. Earn 100 dollars a day’ ads. Still many people go for it-why! The reason is that many people want more money, easy money with less amount of hard work put-in. It is the hard cold truth and I’m talking based on my personal experiences.

Once I worked for an ad-posting site as a beginner on Internet few years ago that later turned out to be scam. During those times I’d observed that my ads even on lesser sites are drawing huge responses, which caused good profit to the scammers, I wasn’t paid a dime though! Even today I find that scam site very much active and new recruits publishing similar ads to the one I used to give once on the free classified sites, people joining from the referral links and then complaining later despite the Internet being flooded with complaints which includes a Mylot warning post of mine as well. I can understand why the beginners join as I joined the same way but what to say about the seasoned ones. Many of them join such sites or other dubious or unstable sites promising high returns, get scammed and repeat the mistakes later and then complain all around. So whom would you blame then, the scammer or the scammed? I hope you get the drift.

To my second point: now when I advertise or send emails to people about legitimate better paying sites, sites where you are paid for your honest hard work put-in and those that I’ve got payment from, people enquire or visit the site and then leave. I know why most of them leave and I hope you get what I intended to say; I leave it unto you knowledgeable wit.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve advertised on many PTC sites for paid sign-ups and till date I’ve got only a handful of honest respondents and about a thousand or more cheat responses or fake responses. So where it is true that lot of dishonest site owners are there on Internet it can be uttered with the same breath that many of the ordinary netizens are dishonest also. That doesn’t absolve the scammer it only shows that a clap sounds of two hands and not one.

So at the end of it all I’d say that instead of running around and screaming ‘scam’ when other prudent choices could’ve been made when time was for that we must make sure that many of us won’t be lured by the bait of easy money-making jobs and be a little bit honest to those who reciprocate, only then we should be able to teach a lesson to the scammer.


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