Sunday, December 17

The Value of Time…

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This world is full of busy people; everyone’s time is valuable, with not enough time in the day to finish anything it seems like.
Leaving early for work, it is a 20 mile drive, and the road is common for speeders, but deciding the value or time and money when I got stopped speeding and the ticket was more than a week’s pay, deciding to slow down and drive the speed limit, but the people who rush pass like they don’t have a care in the world, flipping you off, and yelling.  Laughing and wondering where are the police when they are driving fast.
At work, we had a special, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans, mine you cooking 8 meatloaf’s wasn’t enough today, it was also pouring down rain, that cold clammy kind, we ran out of meatloaf around 12:00 really early, we were very busy, we have chalk boards outside, stating the specials for the day, remember I told you it was raining and we had just ran out the car before, 2 in the drive thru, not 3 today.  The human screamed at me, telling me how valuable his time is, when he plans on eating something, he didn’t want to have to make another choice, because he was in a rush.  So erasing the board, while he decided to take a good 5 minutes to decide what he wanted.  Wow, so this was my fault?  And waiting for his order, he snatched it out of my hands, and told me to remember the next time he came, how valuable his time was…
The day didn’t get any better, we take orders to be made ahead of time, but if I am to have success in my job, you also have to do your job successfully correct, who writes the time as 10 minutes, or 15 minutes, is that what time they will be picking it up?  Honestly I don’t have time to look at the clock, also write exactly what the customer wants…If I am not in the drive thru when the ticket arrives, how am I suppose to know when 10 or 15 minutes is, and if it said blended that means blended not over ice, and now I am thrown of beat because I have to make it over again, and the customer saying we always screw up there order, I am only as good at the order I am given, Saying that how valuable is my time…
Stopped at Big lots, to return a game that didn’t have the game in it when my daughter got it home, the box was empty, had the receipt, but basically was called a liar, telling me I couldn’t return anything I didn’t have, so then I asked if I could look to see if maybe it was on the shelf, maybe it had been removed from the box?  Really she just wants the game, she paid for an empty box, that she didn’t know was empty until she go home and opened it.  Sure the crusty woman said to me.  Actually my time is a valuable as hers, but not wanting to argue with her I bought another game, the same one, she told me she had to keep the box to the other, so I wouldn’t return this game for a refund.  Crazy, then asking if we could open the box to make sure the game was in there, she looked like I was asking her for her blood.
At the Grocery store, the body language of the checker was something else, looking at the clock on her cell phone, and looking at her line, like she had much better things to do than check us out, my thoughts were my time is just as valuable as yours, and count yourself lucky in these times to have a job, a lot of people don’t.
Stopping to fill up with gas because today it was 3.10 wow, you ever heard that song some beach somewhere, well anyway, the car behind me whipped crazily around me, to the pump, like it wasn’t going to be there if they had to wait, but waiting gave me time to think, and guessing his time was more valuable than mine, or at least he thought it was.
Picking Tommy up from the Vet, boarding him today to get his shots, a bath, his dear little toe nails trimmed.  Why did he get boarded, The Value of time, so the Vet doesn’t have to rush to see him, and me not having to wait, and knowing he will be ready to go home when I get there.   But another rude human who thought her time was more valuable than mine, rushed in front of me to the door, stating she was here first…The Value of time.
So the Value of time can be measured how, who’s time is more important, this world is just crazy or maybe it is me, but today was just a waste of my valuable time, should have stayed in the bed, set down and wrote a story, read a book, got lost in someone else’s world, but life is life, take it with a grain of salt.


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