Instability Chaos

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The region is unstable and our interests must recede for a period or until “True Democracy” is established.

“True Democracy” for the USA has been decades of Cold War globally effected to control economic interests.  Now the pinions of colonialism are stretched to break.   Obama walks a thin fence. 

The Old Authoritarians who pleased us once are faltering, as history demonstrates over and over again from the high wall of oppression.

Let’s not wish for “True Democracy” under any guise approved USA.  This label is a false one.  It means a populace ruled by The Police, or The Army.  Legislators are bought rubber stamps.  Nor could Muslim governments succeed. 

True Democracy may be sought in The Federalists Papers, Chomsky’s warrens of political opposition or even the writings of our forefathers, especially Hamilton.   Heed the recriminations of Celine while acceding Bellow-like to the likes of Hawkes, Barthelme, Auster. 

The True Seeds of Democracy are found among the Weeds of Despair.  True Democracy is found within the Temple of Reason or rather, more appropriately, within the sanctuaries of you and me across the world.  Read Dreikers and see the natural democracy of children or the natural consequences of negotiated peace.  Read Aaron T. Beck: The Common Errors in Thinking.   True fucking democracy is hard work.  It involves dedicated people to think straight.  And much more: the great complexity of Mankind, the deep complexities of personal conflict and societal dependencies, the War of Rich and Poor.


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