Beat Making Programs: Dubturbo Allows You To Make Some Cool Beats

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If you’re looking for a cost effective solution for making beats then DubTurbo is a great choice. This is my complete DUBturbo assessment.

Let me begini by starting to explain what DubTurbo is. It’s clear to me that the creators had a simple design and functionality in mind when they made it. I’m able to complete full beats in a matter of minutes. DubTurbo has a series of helpful learning tutorials to help you get started, but it is very easy to use, so I do not know how much time you spend on them.

To begin you’ll be able to pick the pace of the beat using the metronome, then you’ll pick the drum kit (which they will provide over 50). You’ll then be able to use your keyboard to start the rest of the process. Each button represents a different drum in the kit. If you make a mistake, it’s easy to go into the editor.

You can now begin adding in other sounds and instruments. They provide you with a ton of sounds already, but you’ll also be able to download and easily connect your own instruments to the software as well. When you purchase the program they offer free updates, which means new drum and keyboard sounds to life.

Of course, DubTurbo isn’t free, but at the price of this article it’s only $29.97, which from what they say is only temporary. I do not know if this will be the price for good or if it really is temporary because it just came out and this is the special opening discount price. Whatever though because it is a welcome alternative to the need to pay hundreds of dollars for expensive and complex programs.

As you can see I think this program makes more than enough sense for anyone starting out. Obviously there is other products out there, but most of them come at a much higher price tag. At least with DubTurbo you know you’ll be getting quality right out of the gate without having to break the bank.

DubTurbo is one of the best computer based beat making programs around. Check out my blog site to see samples of what it can do. Click the link to go to


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