Thursday, December 14

How Shed Blueprints Solved Our Space Problems

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Before I discuss shed blueprints, I first have to describe how they came about. This is really an article about space management. Our home is very spacious, but that space isn’t managed well. For example, we have two living rooms. I know that was popular back then, but that space would have been better allocated to rooms.

At first we were thinking of converting the living room basically into another room. Even this wasn’t a perfect plan though. For starters, a decent entertainment space would just disappear, which would be unfortunate, but also, we’d be substituting that with something that was far less attractive. We knew we could do this, but the question was whether we really wanted to.

Building onto the house was one of the other options we were looking at that had the downside of being a bit expensive. It’d require an extension to the roof, which isn’t a big deal, but that part of the house would have sightly newer shingles than the rest of the house which would be just weird. There was a penalty to all that extra space though: We’d have to heat it, cool it, clean it, and keep it well maintained. On a positive note, it would give us options with regards to new features we might want like a more spacious bathroom, or closet area. We realized though that it might be too much of a disruption. Once we realized though that we’d have to live with our current master bedroom exposed to an unfinished portion of the rest of the home for a period of time, we decided against it. Although it was a stressful option, it was still an option.

At that point we weren’t terribly thrilled with our options, and that was about when we visited with some friends of ours. We didn’t actually discuss this topic with them but they were discussing something that they had just finished. They needed a place for their riding lawnmower and other stuff, so they built a shed in their back yard. At this point I was loosing myself in thought and came up with an idea. What we needed was a cottage! It would be a great way to add room without actually adding on to the home, or modifying the home itself. Question after question, the more answers I got back from them the more it made me realize this was the best option. The key, according to them, is to get shed blueprints, and he showed me where to find them (even free ones). Now even though I was looking for cottage plans, this place apparently had those too.


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