Twitter Predicts Football Scores!!

Twitter is a fine new concept that has grown in stature over the last 5 years since it was founded in March 2006. The FA Cup was first played in Britain over a century ago in the 1871-72 season. Tonight, Feb 21, 2011, the two have come together in spectacular style!!

The 5th round match between West Ham and Burnley was just over half way through the first half when a tweet came in predicting a goal from the “only just back from serious injury but capable of a rocket” Thomas Hitzlsperger. The very next minute, there it was a rocket from the very same man.


So, how did this happen?

Was it the amazing power of Twitter at work, was it pure chance or was it the fact that the live match was just a few iphone enabled nanoseconds ahead of the BBC blog?? I don’t know but you may have your views. Most of us would love to believe that Twitter has some predictive quality that we knew not of!!

Actually, another blogger suggested that the tweeter might predict a 5-0 win and we could all go home!! As I write this article, West Ham have scored 3 quick goals so it is 4-0 with 20 minutes to go – who knows?!

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