Saturday, December 16

Balloon Gardens.

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There are many different ways to go about teaching children about nature and the cycles of life. One of the more fun and enjoying ways that are out there is making a balloon garden. Now, you might find yourself thinking… what is a balloon garden? Well here I have gathered some information about what it is and how exactly to make one.

A balloon garden is a great craft to do with children, and help them learn about the different facts of life as I have mentioned previously. There are not very many materials needed for this craft, but be sure that you are there to help the youngsters when they do this project. They may or may not need your help, but at least be sure to keep an eye out for suffocation hazards.

First thing first you will need the following materials: Clear balloons, a small funnel, soil, easy to grow seeds and water. These items will all be used for the balloon garden, and this craft will have a very easy clean up process seeing as all that will need to be cleaned is the funnel.

First start by giving the child their clear balloon and help them by holding the funnel in place while putting the soil inside of the balloon. Once the dirt has been inserted inside the balloon help the child place the water over the soil inside of the balloon. The water should only be enough to soak the dirt and make it moist.

Once you are finished with the funnel set it aside from cleaning later on after the project. Once you have placed the water inside the dirt, place the seeds inside the balloon then slowly blow the balloon up and tie the end. Using your string, help the child tie it around the end of the balloon. After the string has been completely placed around the balloon take the balloon and hang it in a place where there is plenty of sun, and the seed will grow.

After a while, the seed will begin to sprout, and then slowly die. This is a great way to help the child see the cycle of a plant life, and learn that a plant needs water and sun and natural air to keep itself alive. When this is happening, you can explain to the child the many stages of a plants life, and how nature has to play its course.

I hope that you all found this information helpful, and you and your children can have a fun new project to do together to learn about nature. Everything in life and nature can be exciting in a child’s eye. Once they have learned about planting and nature, perhaps they will become more interested and want to plant a garden outside.



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