Decoration Ideas For a Children's Party

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  • Balloons.  Children love balloons.  It is better to get some helium and blow-up the balloons so they stand up straight.  By tying them with some ribbon, they will stand up.  After the party you can give the balloons to the children to take home.  If you have some extra helium, you can always breath it in and talk in a funny voice to entertain the kids.  If you don’t have helium or don’t want to spend the money, then you can buy regular balloons and tape them to the walls or ceiling.

  • Table Decorations.  There are a lot of plates and cups with themes that you can purchase to make the table more interesting.  If the kids are going to be eating cake and drinking something sweet, then it is nice to have party-themed cups and plates.  Also thing about table covers since you might want a bright table covering and it will be easier to clean up after the party.  Other decorations could be something you made at home to give the table a personal touch.  If nothing else, you can use plain white paper as table covers and give the children crayons so they can draw on the table.

  • Crepe Paper.  You can stream crepe paper around the ceiling and walls to make the party livelier.  Bright colors should do the trick to decorate for the children’s event.  If you don’t have crepe paper, you can make chain links and do the same thing with regular construction paper.

  • Banners.  You can make a banner with a message just for the party.  You can either make the banner yourself or perhaps pay to have it printed at a printer’s shop.  The banner can say “Happy Birthday” or any other message.  This will add extra decoration for the children’s party.

  • Costumes.  Though techinically not part of decorations, they will add to the ambience of the party.  Perhaps you can just get some masks that the children can wear.  This will make the party livelier and the children will have something special to wear home and remember the party by.


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