Sunday, December 17

How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

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  • Give it some time before you contact him.  If you contact him too much too early, he might block your email or block your telephone.  Give it some time before you contact him.  Then make small contacts with him repeatedly.  If you have waited a while, he probably will already be missing you.  However, don’t overdo it.  Humans naturally want what we can’t have so don’t stick to him like a leech.  Make contact and then withdraw.

  • Be vain.  That means spend time looking good.  Try to look better than you did when you broke up.  If you are dressing well and looking well the next time you know your ex-boyfriend will see you his desire for you might just rekindle.  That’s when you can expect him to make a move on you.

  • Go back in history.  What happened when you broke up?  Did he break up for reasons that weren’t there when you first started dating?  Maybe it’s time for you to be and act like you were when you first started dating instead of the person you were when you broke up.  That way he will want to be back with you.

  • Be confident.  When you are around your ex-boyfriend it is better to seem confident than insecure.  Confidence attracts people.  You will likely have to combat insecurities that arose from the break-up.  If he sees you radiating with confidence he will be more likely to want you back than if you expose a lot of insecurity in front of him.

  • When it’s time ask him to meet with you for a conversation.  It is time for you to compromise.  Surely somewhere there were things that you did that contributed to the breakup.  If you can, let them go.  Then when you meet show him that you are willing to dissolve the problems that led to the breakup.  If he notices that you are willing to let things go and leave them in the past he might decide that it is time to get back together. 

  • Remember that your ex-boyfriend loved you once and he can love you again.  Strong emotions like love don’t go away overnight.  Even if he started seeing someone new, he might have stronger feelings toward you, especially if you dated for some time.  Use his remnant feelings to your advantage.


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