Long Domain Names or Short Domain Names?

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Get a closer look on reasons of buying a short or long domain name, domain names and seo,  domain names and mass media and of course choosing the best domain name for your website.

It is a common belief that short domain names are catchy and more likely to get more traffic. Would Facebook.com be famous if it changes its name to facebookhelpsyoutoreconnect.com? People generally prefer to choose short domain names because they are

  • memorable

  • attractive

  • have good search engine rankings

But there are times when you have to choose Long domain names because

  • A short domain name might not define your business well but a long domain name would. For example if your blog is about your shop (Donald book bank) you will have to choose donaldbookbank.com

  • the short domain names of your choice are not available

  • the long domain name will communicate valuable information to the customers for example instead of buydomainnames.com a longer yet more powerful domain name might be buycheapdomainames.com

There are things that you should know about if you have a long domain name of your website or if you plan to buy a long domain name for your website.

  • Long domain names are easily discovered by search engines. Search engines use the words in the domain name to rank a website and more the words , better the search engine rankings. One thing, however should be kept in mind if you want your long domain name to do better in search engines i.e., the words in the domain names should make sense and do not try to get an extra-long domain names for example do not expect that qwilllllajjduersbnwe.com and bestandcheapwebhostingsolutions.com to have good search engine optimization because the former is nonsense and the latter is extra-long.
  • Long domain names and mass media. If you plan to advertise your website/blog via radio/television or newspapers, the long domain name might not have the same effect as a short one. Long domain names are less effective and less memorable than short ones.
  • Social networks should not have a long domain name. If you plan to start a social network then my sincere advice is to choose a very short domain name because a long domain name is not attractive and memorable. Believe me, you might not want to ask your friend to join the new social community yabadabbadoobaa.com. See its not impressive and they might forget it soon. So choose a short and witty domain name.

So in fact it is all up to you, if your website  is about something that requires you to buy a long domain name, go ahead buy one. If you plan to advertise your website through mass media be content with a short domain name. Best of luck!


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