OK Sheople…listen Up!

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SheopleIt is time to wake up sheople…little do you know the damage you have caused in our world.  For the pass few generations, the people of the western world have been exposed to a negative collective course of action that have started a process of devolution of the human psyche.  It has come to a point where the people of our, so called advanced society, have become emotional train wrecks.  The competitive ways of free enterprise, attaining “The American Dream”, is so deeply embedded into our ways of life, that the sheople have become brainwashed to a point of being, narcissistic, emotionally immature, egomaniacal, and even sinful, just to name a few.  We have risen to a nation of Little Egomaniacs, Captains of Narcissism, and Masters Emotional Vampirism.

The question is can there be positive psychological, spiritual, or social advancement in an emotionally destructive culture of chronic competitiveness?  People are consumed with the idea of what they want, not with what they need.  It has become such an obsession, that people have become disassociated, dysfunctional, addicted, bi-polar, delinquent, sociopathic, suicidal, and even possessed.  Yes possessed, just like a demon has taken over their souls.  The never ending continuous want of redundant securities has taken an adverse effect on individuals’ minds.  This problem has created a society of sheople, zombies, individuals who have lost their own identities, individuals who are on a destructive path to obtain a dream that is not even real.  As soon as one has lost their own identity and start believing that they belong to another person or association, they have become useless to themselves and pass away without really achieving individual advancements.

The means of achieving the goals that leads an individual to obtain “The American Dream”, have been taking a negative toll on our society.  That is because the perception of this dream has become an obsession with most people, and maybe even, it has become a way of life to some.  Have these principles been self inflicted or is it part of a large idea designed by groups that are in economical power?  A scheme that makes money off consumer groups, bombardment of advertisement by mass media which embeds the messages in our brains of what we should be.  Twisting our perception of the real you, the individual who can live with basic needs such as safety, self actualization, freedom and fun.  These primal psychological requirements have long been achieved and mastered by us in this advanced society, but sheople seem to have forgotten this or are brought up to not be aware of it.   One major factor of this cause is obvious, sheople are continuously bombarded by daily messages and symbols that are primarily focussed on compelling them into an ideal that is not their own.  This takes away personal identities and suggestively implants an identity that instils insecurities, which in turn is not natural to human behaviour.

The important factor is emotional intelligence and self awareness is important in everyday life behaviour and decision making.  When this ability is twisted and wrecked, one becomes a danger to themselves and even others that surround them in their daily life.  Most sheople have lost this emotional intelligence, they are not even identified with themselves, being emotionally immature and even disconnected to a point of destruction.  Once this is the case, that zombie is totally useless to our society; they deprive themselves of freedom and safety, they drain emotions from others, they take from their neighbours, family members, and society as a whole.  And like a virus, in mass numbers or in a group, this attitude can bring spread and take down entire systems of progress in a civilization, and that is exactly what is happening in this present time.

Eventually, the zombie, emotional vampire, egomaniac, is destroyed by self inflicting diseases related to negative emotions.  Did you ever wonder why many people die of unknown diseases?  The synergy and accumulation of negative emotions, bad karma, supplemented with exposures to environmental toxins (such as food and air pollutants), lowers the immune system.  This in turn, makes one susceptible to viruses and bacteria that can lead to many illnesses.

On the other hand, the individual who is self aware, and emotionally balanced, tend to be unconditionally more giving, caring, and positive.   This positive attitude exposes the individual’s mind and body to a healthier lifestyle and usually more success in life. Human needs are very simple; all that is needed is self actualization and positive self esteem, individual safety and freedom, social belonging and fun.  Emotional liberty consists of being entirely one with self, selfhood, understanding all the factors required to be self aware.  The secret is, and it’s not that complicated, it is as simple as understanding that we as human race have everything in life required for a healthy psyche.


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