Wednesday, December 13

Bukisa's Complex Earning System Explained For Noobs

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1.  I can’t use Google Adsense because I’ve been banned/am underage/in an unsupported country!  Can I still earn from my Bukisa content?  The answer is yes, you can use Chitika.  Chitika pays by PayPal, bypassing most of the reasons people can’t use Adsense, such as:  You can lie about your age on Chitika & paypal (unlike Adsense), Chitika pays by PayPal and therefore supports a lot more countries, and it is hard to get banned from Chitika.

2.  How do I get paid?!  You can get paid via cheque if you opt to use Adsense, or PayPal if you opt to use Chitika.

3.  Which is better – Chitika or Adsense?  I don’t use Adsense myself, however Bukisa themselves reccomend Adsense over Chitika.  Not all people can use Google Adsense though, which is why Chitika was impliemted.

4.  No, you cannot use Chitika and Adsense simultaneously.  

5.  No, Bukisa’s old revenue system (Bukisa index) is not coming back.

6.  Bukisa’s old pay-per-view system was dropped because of exploitation (or so Bukisa say).  Remember you now get paid-per-CLICK, not per VIEW like their old system and Triond.

7.  Bukisa’s referal system has been dropped and is not coming back.  Bukisa stated on their blog it was because the new PPC systems don’t support it.

8.  Yes, Bukisa is probably losing money and customers by taking this jump.

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