Ambien And Driving – Get The Facts

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Ambien, otherwise known in its generic name as zolpidem tartrate, is a medication intended for people with sleep disorders such as insomnia. Ambien has hypnotic and sedative properties to make it possible for sleep-deprived people to have some rest when stricken with sleepless nights.

This medication is available in regular tablet, as well as those formulas with extended release (Ambien CR). Depending on the needs of each patient, Ambien helps people to be asleep and to keep it that way whole night.

Can Ambien And Driving Go Well Together?

Ambien has some side effects that alter the usual lifestyle of an individual. There are individuals which experience some complex behavior even if they are not fully awake. Some may have already been doing normal activities such as preparing and cooking meals, talking on the phone, working in the office, or even sexual intercourse. However, some activities for those taking Ambien may be difficult, and some may even be hazardous. Take for instance driving.

Activities such as driving require an individual’s full attention. When that person is under medication of Ambien, it is normally difficult to become very focused, as some of the side effects of the medication includes loss of coordination. The medication is also known to have these effects on patients: hallucinations both in vision and hearing, loss of control which could also result in aggressiveness, and other behaviors related to extovertedness. If any of these will be incorporated with sleep driving, there will be a great risk of being involved in motor accidents.

Points To Take Into Consideration

Hazards of sleep driving when taking Ambien is similar to drunk-driving, or driving under the influence of medications altering the normal function of the CNS, or the central nervous system. These drugs are usually for the treatment of depression, anxiety, seizures and other kinds of psychiatric disorders. Before taking any sleeping pills, it is important to consider any activities that could lead hazard.

How To Prevent Sleep-Driving?

It is highly recommended to take the drug ONLY when there is close medical supervision. Sleep-driving could be prevented if the drug is taken at a safe and recommended dosage.Brand Ambien should only be taken before sleep, when the individual is ready to lie down to avoid hazards of falling. This is because Ambien could react in a matter of minutes, and so it is highly recommended to postpone any activities when about to take the medication. If the patient is sure about spending less than 8-10 hours of sleep, it is not advised to take the medication, to avoid sleep walking, or sleep-driving and other hazards.

Misconceptions About The Drug

It is not true that Ambien only takes effect during the usual sleeping hours. In most cases, particularly for individuals who spent less that 8-10 hours of sleep, the effects stay until the few hours of the morning. Thus, it is recommended that patients should avoid dangerous activities such as driving, heavy machine operation and the like as long as the medicine remains to take effect in their system. It is always better to be safe than to be in danger.


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