The Best Way to Cleanse With Raw Foods

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Want to clean up your diet, detox your body, improve your complexion, and lose a few extra pounds?

Looks like it’s time for a cleanse. And there are several different ways to do it.

You can go on a raw food diet, taking in nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. You can go on a juice fast, taking in nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You can try the Master Cleanse (not recommended).

Or you can take on my absolute favorite way to cleanse…

Mono Fruit Cleanse


Okay, so it’s really nothing more than eating only one fruit for a period of time. 🙄

For seven days (you can go longer if you wish), you will eat nothing but one type of fruit. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no processed foods of any kind.

And no dried fruits either. The fruit should be fresh.

How it Works

Eating nothing but one kind of fruit for a week works just like any other cleanse/detox plan. By eating nothing but delicious, nutritious, and satiating sweet fruit, you are cutting out all the other toxic foods that so many of us consume on a regular basis.

No meat. No cheese. No milk. No eggs. No refined sugar. No grains. No cooked foods of any kind. Nothing but fruit for seven days.

Limiting yourself to ONE fruit during these seven days makes the cleanse that much more effective. By only consuming one type of fruit, you are making things that much easier for your digestion AS WELL AS your mind.

You won’t have to worry about shopping lists or recipes. All you have to do is choose your favorite fruit, buy it, and devour it! 🙂

Why It’s the Best

First, it’s simple. All you have to do is pick one type of fruit and eat as much as you like for seven days straight. It’s literally as easy as peeling a banana.

Second, it’s tasty. You get to eat as much delicious fruit, any fruit that you enjoy, as you like!

Third, it helps you get used to eating a lot of fruit. This will help you make the adjustment to a healthy low fat, raw vegan lifestyle.

Remember, it’s not what you do during the seven days that’s important. It’s what you do all the days, weeks, and months AFTER that matters most.

How to Get Started

1. Start by picking one type of fresh fruit. It needs to be one that you enjoy and can eat a lot of.

I recommend sticking with higher calorie fruits like bananas and mangos, but you don’t have to. Since this cleanse is short, you can get away with choosing a lower calorie fruit and maybe eating less calories during the week.

2. Next you need to figure out roughly how many calories you need each day.

Nutridiary can help you here. Once you have your estimate, use the nutridiary database to figure out how many pounds of your fruit of choice you will need. Then you’ll know how much fruit to buy for each day.

3. Now you can pick which day you want to start your cleanse.

If your fruit needs to ripen, like bananas, you might need to buy a few days ahead of time to make sure you have enough ripe fruit on hand for day 1. Otherwise, go shopping the day before you start the cleanse.

4. Finally, eat your fruit of choice for seven days!

You can have designated meal times if you like or you can just graze all day. Just make sure to eat when you’re hungry and drink water if you need it. And don’t hesitate to eat more fruit if you find you’re still hungry at the end of the day.

How to End the Cleanse

To end the cleanse, all you have to do is add other fruits, along with greens and nuts and seeds, back into your diet.

Go raw and be fit,



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