Friday, December 15

The Eyes Are The Window To Our Health

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I’m still will be talking about our eyes but in a medical perspective that it is known to be the window to our health. There are many things our eyes will be telling us and that it won’t tell any lies once your ophthalmologist look into it. An ophthalmologist has said that “it is the only place in our body where we can look in and see veins, arteries and a nerve without any surgery involve”. But most of the times we tend to abuse our eyes by staying too much time in front of the computer (I am guilty too) and TV. And when we do our annual physicals, we also delay or worse, eye exams are not done. If you are not convinced yet not to go to your ophthalmologist then read on the next paragraphs and learn something what you can see in your eyes about your health. Experts say that our eyes will tell us about cholesterol, liver disease, diabetes and a lot more.

So be vigilant and watch for:

  • Burning eyes and blurry vision while using computer – it is called Computer Vision Syndrome. This discomfort is what you called eyestrain, partly due to the contrast of your screen that is not properly adjusted.
  • Disappearing eyebrows – when the outer third of the brow starts to disappear by its own, you are most probably suffering from thyroid disease (either hyper or hypothyroidism) because it is a common sign.
  • Bumpy yellowish patches on the eyelid – it’s a warning sign that you may have high cholesterol.
  • Sudden double vision or loss of vision – these are one of the signs of stroke. It’s the visual sign that you are suffering from stroke together with sudden numbness or weakness typically on one side of the body and slurring of speech.
  • Blurring of vision – this is common to diabetics who have had the disease for a long time and who aren’t able to control their blood sugar levels.

There are more out there and you can read more about those warning signs and why the eyes are the window to our health.


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