Adding a Cross-Tab to a Report

Any reports that you described using the word “by” usually make good cross- ‘ tab candidates, for example, “Sales by Region,” “Quantity of Products by Customer,” and “Sales for Employee by Department” The report groups data by region and then by product name. This report shows the quantity of each different bike type ordered for each region.

You have two options for how to make this report’s data shorter and easier to read. One option is to create a drill-down report by hiding the Details sec­tion. The report would then show the quantity of each bike model ordered in each region. This makes a nice report, but still possibly longer than you would like and does not give as much detail with one glance. Inserting a cross-tab for this report creates a column and row display of the data. Some find this type of display easiest to read and interpret.

Creating the Cross-Tab

To begin creating a cross-tab for a report, click the Design tab and then open the Format Cross-Tab dialog box. To do this either click Insert, Cross-Tab oruse the Cross-Tab button.

Selecting Cross-Tab Fields

With the Format Cross-Tab dialog box open, select fields from the Available Fields list for the Columns, Rows, and Summarized Field’ areas. Selecting a field from the Available Fields list and then clicking the ap­propriate button, on the right side of the dialog box moves the field to that list. Inserting the fields into the cross-tab sections is straightforward. The next two sections discuss customizing the generic cross-tab just created.

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