Identifying Potential Cross-Tab Data

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Depending on the data you want a report to present, you may decide that a cross-tab is an effective representation, especially when you want to compare data or look at one field next to another. Cross-tabs display data in a row and column format, but unlike a basic spreadsheet format, the junction of each row and column can contain another database field or a summary field. Cross-tabs often display lists of data in a more concise format, so that more data can be viewed and analyzed at one glance rather than paging through a long re­port. For example, figures 10-1 and 10-2 demonstrate how a cross-tab can contain much more data than a list of details in the ‘same amount of space.

You insert a cross-tab into a report as an object. You can create a cross-tab in a sub report, and then insert the sub report into the main report. Sometimes a cross-tab displays data in a more organized or concise fashion than just list­ing the data on. A report SCR has many formatting options for cross-tabs that make them versatile tools.

Adding a Cross-Tab to a Report

You can add a cross-tab to an existing report to enhance it by displaying the same or additional data in the summarized cross-tab format. You can also design a report that contains only a cross-tab by inserting only the cross-tab object and not any database fields.


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