Friday, December 15

Working With Your Dreams Part II

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In this article I will give you a few tips on how to recall your dreams and familiarize you with the 4 sleep stages.  The first step is to get plenty of sleep.  If you are not well rested, it will be hard to focus on dream recall and the time taken to record your dreams will become a dreaded task. Another benefit of getting plenty of sleep is that dream periods get longer as the night progresses. Generally, we do not remember our dreams unless we’re awakening from the dream. 

We go through 4 to 5 sleep cycles a night.  

In stage 1 you are in a light sleep. This is called Non-rapid eye movement or NREM.  You experience muscle relaxation, lower body temperature and slower heart rate.  This is the stage in which your body is preparing itself to enter deep sleep.

Stage 2 is also characterized by NREM.  In this stage there is a further drop in your body’s temperature and muscles relax even more.  This is the stage in which your’s bodies immune system works on repairing any damage incurred during the day.  In this stage you are totally asleep.

During Stage 3 you are in even deeper sleep, and your metabolic rates are extremely slow.

This brings us to Stage 4 REM, the stage in which we dream. This stage occurs 90 to 100 minutes after falling asleep. Your blood pressure rises, hear rate gets faster, your breathing becomes erratic and an increase in brain activity. This is also the stage that you experience paralysis. This is the most restorative sleep stage.  Your emotions are given an overhaul and your mind is being repaired.  The majority of your dreams are during this stage, therefore if you awaken during this stage, you are more likely to remember your dreams.

These stages repeat themselves throughout the night, with stages 1 to 3 getting shorter and stage 4 getting longer.  For additional information check out Dream Moods at

If you can learn when you are in stage 4, you can awaken yourself with an alarm clock at that time.  When you do awaken, you may be able to remember fragments of your dream.  Remember, to write the dream down immediately upon waking up, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to remember later in the day. 

If you don’t like the idea of using an alarm clock another trick is to drink a couple of glasses before going to bed.  This will trigger the need to make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  It is at that time that you can take your notebook and journal with you to write down anything you may remember.  

The third trick is if you wake up naturally in the morning, lay still for a minute or two.  Try to think back to your last dream.  If you remember anything you (yep, you guessed it) grab that notebook and write it down.  Don’t worry about it making sense, just record what you remember.  You may find yourself remembering more during the day.

Well that’s it for Part II.  Next week I’ll give you a list of foods and vitamins that will not only aid in dream recall but to induce vivid dreams.  It’s the vivid dreams that we remember the most.  Also it’s the vivid dreams that can lead to becoming lucid, but that’s for yet another topic.

Until next week, pleasant dreams and be sure to contact me here if you have any questions.  


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