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How To Get Ahead in Betting – Bet For Free – Win Regular Free Bets With No Deposit Required

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Would you like to have regular free bets? Free bets that you could turn into real winnings? Of course you would. Well it is actually as easy as it sounds and NO CATCH. I have been enjoying a flutter for many years, mainly on British horse racing and I know how to take advantage of a great offer when I see one.

If you enjoy the occasional flutter then you will know it is not easy making money from the bookies. The book is stacked in the bookies favour so It takes skill and judgement and a considerable amount of luck. I am writing a series of articles on “How to get Ahead in Betting” to help all punters to beat their bookie. You need to find any advantages that will help give you an edge.  Free bets are one useful way useful to gain an edge. This article looks at free bets and will tell you how to get regular free bets at no cost. 

Free Bets

One way of getting free bets is to sign up with loads of different bookmakers in order to take advantage of their introductory promotional offers. You know the thing “Deposit £20 and get a £20 free bet or Get a free bet of the same value as the first bet you place. Well by all means do this if it suits you. You can get a lot of free bets this way and you don’t have to continue to bet regularly with these bookmakers after using your free bet. Another advantage of signing up with lots of different bookies is that you can shop around for the best odds on your future bets. The trouble with this method is you could be tempted to place larger bets than you normally would have in order to get the free bet. My advice is, If you are planning on placing a bet anyway then by all means use the free bet offers to your advantage – but don’t let the offers dictate your betting. Remember the golden rule of betting… never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Beat Victor for Free Bets

One bookmaker I would definitely recommend signing up with is Victor Chandler. The reason is Beat Victor. Beat Victor is a regular FREE to enter competition run by Victor Chandler. As the name suggests you simply have to beat Victor. The competition is based on either British football predictions or British horse racing. Even if you are no expert in these fields it would be worth entering. You would get lucky occasionally and Victor often gets nothing!

There is a competition most weeks usually at the weekend. Victor makes his predictions on football scores or selects horses to win the selected races, you simply have to enter your predictions and EVERYONE who does better than Victor wins a FREE £5 bet. The person who does best of all usually wins a £500 bet.

You are then free to place your free bets as you chose, any sport, win or eachway, multiples, bet all your £5 in one go or divide it into several bets. Any winnings you get from these ibets s your cash, to do with as you please. You can withdraw your winnings straight away if you wish – no need to bet it multiple times.

And best of all is the fact that Victor isn’t usually that hard to beat, bless him. Free bets all round!

Visit to view the competition and sign up. No deposit necessary.

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