Avon True Colour Eye Shadow Quad Product Review

As I am in the process of revamping my makeup bag I have been looking for a good selection of eye shadows and a good colour choice. I came across is eye shadow quad in the Avon brochure and thought it look good so decided to give it a try.

The eye shadows come in a black case which is made from hard plastic. On the lid we have a nice silver design and the Avon logo. When opening the lip, this is very simple to do, there is a small press button which releases the lid, you will find the 4 coloured shadows inside. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid which is a decent size and a space at the side of the shadows where the small double ended brush sits.

The powders look nice and rich in colour and they look quite moist, they are not all bitty and overly dry. On the back of the case there is a small section which shows the 4 colours with numbers and then an eye outline showing where the colours should go. I think this is very handy to have as it shows how to apply the shadows for the most dramatic look. The colours do not have to be wore in the way and they are all very good stand alone colours if you are looking for a more subtle look from them.

The application is very easy, there is a brush included in the case, the one end has quite a wide tip but the other has a more slimmer one, this is the ideal brush for the application of all four colours in the shown way. When you put the shadow onto the brush it only takes one stroke over the small round colour section as a lot does come away on the applicator. I have noticed that it does not crumble or leave a lot of powdery mess when this is done and for me this is a bonus as it means I am not getting it over my clothes. The power glides easily onto the eye lid and you to do have to be overly hard when doing so. The colour you get from just the one stroke on the lid is very good and rich but if you want more of a dramatic colour then you can build this up by applying more.

I have found this to be a great eye shadow which lasts for hours. I apply mine of a morning and it still looks just as good when it comes to removing it for bed. The shadow does not crease or smudge when blinking and it does not run when eyes water. I have had great success when wearing these and they are also very easy to get different looks from. The individual colour can be wore separately for the daytime and then they can be all worn and blended together for a perfect evening look. The colour choice is great, the set which I have is the aquadelic one, this contains a green, salmon, white and dark silvery grey colours, they do not look as if they will all go tighter when you first look at the set but if applied the way shown then they give a wonderful look. There are other colour choices available but for me they were slightly too dark.

The shadow is very easy to remove when needed, I se a small blob of baby lotion on a cotton wool ball and just gentle wipe over the eye, it comes off with ease and no hard rubbing is needed. There have been no irritations to my eyes after using this shadow. There is a shelf life of 24 months on the product but personally I don’t think it will last for anywhere near this time as I love the colours so much.

This is an Avon product so it is only available in their catalogue or their online store. The price is around £8 but I paid just £5.50 on offer and I think it is well worth this amount as you are getting 4 different colours which can be worn many ways for lots of different looks. There are not claims on the shadow as to whether this has been product using animal testing or not.

I am more than happy to give this eye shadow quad the full 5 stars as I love it. The colours are great and it is not drying and does not crease. There are so many ways this can be worn and it is well worth the price tag especially if you too can get it on offer. Highly recommended by me.

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