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. If you are looking for inline ads where words on your page become links to ads, AdBrite has got em! They also have interstitial full page ads that you can insert to intercept all of the search engine traffic that is coming to your site.
Oh, and don’t forget that AdBrite can overlay ads on the images on your site, giving you a way to make money off your blog that virtually no other competitor offers.Bloggers can set their own ad rates, and you can approve or reject every ad or choose to have AdBrite auto accept ads. AdBrite also lets you place a “Your Ad Here” link to sell ads to your visitors, in addition to the AdBrite marketplace and sales teams.

The payouts are competitive and they are more accepting of smaller publishers like bloggers. Commissions are split with the publisher (blogger) getting 75% and AdBrite keeping 25%. Go ahead and give AdBrite a try, though realize that it can take a few days before the ads start being highly targeted. 

Clicksor offers 15 day payouts on advertising on your blog and they offer text, image and multimedia ads for your website or blog. They also have:

  • Flash Ads

  • Animation Ads

  • Banners

  • Pop unders

  • Interstitial Ads

  • Text highlighting Ads

The only bad news is that when you sign up for Clicksor it takes a day or so for you to get approved and be able to start inserting code. But given the high payouts and the wide range of ad options available, I think it’s worth waiting to get in and see how these ads do on your blog.


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