Biztalk Developer Can Make Your Business More Productive

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Microsoft BizTalk Server is a multilayered enterprise software platform and integration tool that widely helps large companies to automate their business processes and improve productivity in numerous ways. Basically BizTalk Server is used for Integration of Enterprise Application, Business Process Automation, Message broker, Business-to-business Communication, and Business Activity Monitoring. It empowers the companies by enabling exchange of business documents such as invoices between various software applications within the organization. You can leverage the capabilities of BizTalk that can enormously benefit your organization by below features:

1) Can perform Integration of enterprise applications easily

2) Intelligent data map and transformation tools available

3) Easy-to-use BizTalk data map and line-of-business (LOB) Connectivity

4) Improved EDI and IBM Host/ Mainframe connectivity

5) Allows rapid development of RFID solutions using built-in components

6) Simplified the management of solution

7) Visual monitoring and diagnostics capabilities

8) Single yet comprehensive parameter settings dashboard for efficient performance tuning to streamline deployments across environments

9) Supports SQL Server backup compression and Transparent data encryption

10) Improved enterprise interoperability

11) Efficient B2B integration with scalable Trading Partner Management (TPM) and advance capabilities for complex data mapping

12) More secure and improved FTP adaptor

13) Adapter support for latest application versions. Can be customized to best suite the business requirements.

When you decide to deploy BizTalk in your company there are two options you can have in your mind and that is to commence development in-house by hiring a new BizTalk developer or by training your own IT guy and another option is by outsourcing to BizTalk consultants. There is always a debate on whether outsourcing is the right step or not. Well if you are quering between both the options, so consider below factors:

Cost Saving:
If you plan to train your in-house staff than there are possibilities that the staff might take long time to understand exactly how the BizTalk integration to be performed. On the other side if you outsource the task to BizTalk consultants or hire a BizTalk developer from a software development company you get assured of well experienced resource on duty who can understand your organization needs and can help in best leveraging BizTalk capabilities. Moreover the rates you pay while outsourcing is far low than you hire a resource onsite. Another cost benefit you get is in terms of infrastructure, as the outsourcing service provider are always equipped with software and hardware infrastructure.

Time Saving:
A onsite resource require you dedication in terms of time for getting trained, managed and monitor. While outsourcing proves to be a better option because all you need to do is to explain your requirements, while all other tasks are performed by BizTalk consultants. Hence all your time is saved which you can utilize n your core business activities to improve company productivity.

Risk Management and Change Management:
In case your onsite BizTalk developer is not well experienced the risk management capabilities will be very weak. This can create a chaos if anything goes wrong. A well experienced BizTalk Consultants can take care of such situation and effectively forecast and manage risky situation. They also well versed with change management adoption whenever required. Hence hiring a BizTalk developer from outsourcing service provider is a right choice.


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